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  • All Leadership Is Local

    All Leadership Is Local

    Friends, I was asked to speak at the kickoff for the Detroit Free Press Flagstar Marathon.  I was stunned by the number but especially the longevity of the volunteers.  The Marathon is celebrating its 30th anniversary this fall, and many volunteers at the event had […]

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  • Coach Blanco- Lead Where You Are?

    Coach Blanco- Lead Where You Are?

    Friends,  When I became a first spouse, I would never have imagined that I would meet a peer like this.  But I sure am glad I did.  It’s been cool meeting a first dude, first guy, and a former first hunk.  But my vote for […]

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  • Sometimes You Win When You Lose

    Sometimes You Win When You Lose

    Friends, Todays story reflects my hard-won victory over . . . well, over me. It was grueling — like a 5-set tennis match. And, like a lot of my wins in the world of self-management and other-leadership, I’ll forget how I pulled out a win, […]

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  • People are People, Lead Anyway

    People are People, Lead Anyway

    Kent Keith was an unusual student at Harvard in the 1960s. He was a moderate - calling for change but within "the system!" He was also wise beyond his years, publishing and distributing 30,000 copies of a pamphlet about the aforementioned Paradoxical Commandments. The essence of his message was that the world is not especially kind to those who lead, but that leading is the way to create a life of meaning and purpose. To heck with what the others say! Lead anyway!

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  • Two Words — Public Service

    Two Words — Public Service

    Friends, My wife and governor who sometimes does a late night edit of my column may not like this RFL, but here goes anyway . . . In this column I have frequently written about some of the wonderful corporations that serve their clients and […]

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