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  • Candor is King

    Candor is King

    Friends, Jack came home this week frustrated with the environment in his classroom.  Some students were lagging behind, the classroom had become too social, and so his teacher had cracked down.  Jack felt the freedom at the heart of the Montessori system was being squeezed […]

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  • Regular People, We Lead

    Regular People, We Lead

    Friends, So I was at Easter Mass in a small town “up north.”  I judged: This seems to be a very average little church.  Modest outside and in.  The priest, preaching, choir, all seemed to me stunningly regular.  One of the stained glass windows had […]

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  • The Spiritual Game of Leadership

    The Spiritual Game of Leadership

    Friends, A healthy exchange with author Kathi Elster* on my radio show The Winner’s Circle prompts me to write about the fundamentally spiritual game that a leader plays.  A government worker asked me in an email to discuss the issue of how you motivate your […]

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  • Do You Know What They're Whispering?

    Do You Know What They're Whispering?

    Friends, A fascinating issue popped up on my “Winner’s Circle” radio show on Saturday.  It prompts me to ask you “bosses” out there:  Do you know what they’re whispering about you?  Yes, they are whispering!  On the show, my guest, Kathi Elster talked about a […]

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  • Leading Up

    Leading Up

    Friends, An editorial note:  an AOL spam filter refused RFL to 1300 readers last week.  Please mark me as a “safe sender.” Two weeks ago I wrote about a question raised by a caller to the Winner’s Circle, my Saturday morning radio show (streaming live […]

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