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  • Forest fires, bailouts and rebirth

    Forest fires, bailouts and rebirth

    Friends, I saw the most amazing thing in Yellowstone Park last week.  Perhaps you have seen it.  There was a tremendous fire in 1988 and thousands of acres of trees were lost.  Twenty years later you can still see the signs: hacked off, perfectly straight […]

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  • In Times of Volatility

    In Times of Volatility

    Friends,  This week, a man in his early 80s told me that he thought this was the most uncertain week he had experienced since he was a young man during World War II.  He pointed to many aspects of this great volatility: Hurricane Ike, Lehman […]

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  • Fat Discriminating Leading

    Fat Discriminating Leading

    Friends,  Fat!So?  Hmmm.  This past Saturday, on my radio show Everyday Leadership: Making Work Work, Marilyn Wann talked about the unfair treatment of fat people at work.  She’s no whiner.  She is the author of a book, magazine and website, which all go by the […]

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  • Positive Presidential Politics

    Positive Presidential Politics

    Friends,  A few partisans will broil at this one.  A few cynics will call me an idiot.  I promise you, you won’t hear the following from any candidate or party, and you probably won’t hear it from the “mainstream media,” the “right-wing media” or the […]

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  • How Everyday Leaders Cross the Boundary

    How Everyday Leaders Cross the Boundary

    Friends, I wrote last week about the passing of my friend Colin Hubbell and was reminded of his “best self” everyday leadership as I stood at the foot of the Mackinac Bridge in the Upper Peninsula, just before sunrise yesterday.  I was talking with two […]

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