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  • March Madness: A Team-Coached Team and Leaders Who Follow

    March Madness: A Team-Coached Team and Leaders Who Follow

    Friends, Fifty-nine games have been played in March Madness. Three games are left. One team out of sixty-five will emerge. Don’t you love it? Well, maybe not so much if your team and your bracket have fallen apart. Of course, I love it for the […]

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  • Valassis and a New Capitalism

    Valassis and a New Capitalism

    Friends, “Our upper level executives, from the CEO down to our vice president level, were contractually entitled to receive bonuses,” the CEO said. Familiar language, right? Edward Liddy, CEO of AIG? Well, no. Al Schultz, is CEO of Valassis, a Livonia, Michigan-based company that provides […]

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  • RFL and Politics

    RFL and Politics

    To Mark and other blog comment authors: I have decided to be more aggressive about removing comments that have nothing to do with this blogsite which is about how we, as everyday leaders, can be more effective. I’m not against politics. Some of my best […]

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  • On Energy – The Survey Says…

    On Energy – The Survey Says…

    Friends, Last week — in the midst of these uncertain times — I surveyed you, inquiring: What kinds of things generate energy for you in these challenging times? Well over 800 of you clicked onto the survey and chose among the 11 answers, selecting the […]

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  • Energy in Uncertain Times

    Energy in Uncertain Times

    Friends, As we wait for the stimulus package to kick in, to slow or hopefully reverse our slide, let’s acknowledge that the stimulus is just that: a stimulus. It’s not a fix, an end, a result. It’s intended to stimulate changes in behavior, especially spending […]

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  • Leadership Faith

    Leadership Faith

    Friends, I was giving a speech to the state’s Administrative Officers Association, a group of high level administrators in the state government. The theme of their training day was “lead where you are.” I was impressed with the question which one person asked at the […]

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