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  • Short and Sweet for an Efficient Week

    Short and Sweet for an Efficient Week

    Friends, Today: a fact and a simple invitation to redeploy the knowledge you have. The fact: Internet and associated technologies have made worker-leaders busier and heightened demands upon us.  The Pew Center on the Internet found in September of last year that nearly half of […]

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  • 2 Great Radio Shows on Leadership

    2 Great Radio Shows on Leadership

    Great 2 weeks on the “Everyday Leadership” radio show.  Jim Kouzes last week – one of THE best leadership writers.  Today, a great show with Rich Sheridan of Menlo Innovations sitting with me for the entire second hour, talking about how democracy is key to innovation.  […]

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  • No More "Because I Said So"

    No More "Because I Said So"

    “You don’t want me to have to tell your father about this!” was a near-universal threat spoken throughout the little ranch homes on Hiveley Street where I grew up in Inkster, Michigan. And the most popular parent-line of the time was the answer to a […]

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  • Special Guest: Jim Kouzes

    Special Guest: Jim Kouzes

    I believe that the best book on leadership is Jim Kouzes’ and Barry Posner’s The Leadership Challenge.  I am excited to announce that Jim will be joining me for the full first-hour of the Everyday Leadership show this Saturday, the 20th, at 7 AM (Detroiters: […]

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  • Father Leaders

    Father Leaders

    Friends,  In the last 50 years women have changed the world.  After centuries of struggle – struggles that are not over – I agree with Tom Peters who assessed women as leaders in this way, “Women roar. Women rule.”  Women ascended to public and business […]

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  • Who Will Lead the Job Growth?

    Who Will Lead the Job Growth?

    Friends,   Dana Johnson, chief economist for Comerica Bank said last week:  “I don’t know where the growth will come from but there will be growth” in the Michigan economy in 2010.  He suggested where the new jobs will not come – manufacturing.  He noted […]

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  • How do you get promoted?

    How do you get promoted?

    Take the one question survey, and listen to the Everyday Leadership radio show tomorrow from 7-9 AM, EST.

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