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  • The Discipline to Defuse Painful Squabbles

    The Discipline to Defuse Painful Squabbles

    Friends, Nearly every Sunday my parents packed us in the Ford Country Squire and we hit I-94, on the way to our grandparents on the east side of Detroit.  We always watched for the (Uniroyal, I think) billboard with the rolling digits, an up-to-the-minute tally […]

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  • Speaking about sustained change

    Speaking about sustained change

    I’ve been speaking more and more about leading through sustained change – recently speaking to Cisco managers and the Mich Society of Association Executives.  Leading through sustained crisis is different than “normal” leadership.  Sometimes, all your assumptions fall apart.  Think about newspapers, who thought nobody could […]

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  • Execs Tips For Getting on Top of Time

    Execs Tips For Getting on Top of Time

    I am working with a group of executives and when asked what issue they would like to discuss at our monthly meeting, they quickly and overwhelmingly said: Work overload. Email in particular has been mounting, becoming more and more of a daily (and nightly) grind. […]

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  • Men Leading in the New World of Work

    Men Leading in the New World of Work

    Friends, Last week I wrote about the huge opportunity that's there when you recognize slow change and move with it. If you had any question about whether women will become ascendant in management, check out last week's survey. (It's unscientific nevertheless the results of the 500 people who answered the survey are startling.) I'll return to that theme in future weeks, but today the yin to the yang.

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  • Women, Work and the Arc of Democratization

    Women, Work and the Arc of Democratization

    Often we live in the middle of slow-moving change, which only appears dramatic when we step way back.  It makes you wonder what possibilities go unnoticed, and who seizes on the opportunities buried in those slow changes.  For instance, I have long thought that the […]

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  • Frans "Medici Effect" Johansson

    Frans "Medici Effect" Johansson

    I’m not sure I ever had more fun with a radio interview than when Franz Johannson came into my studio to do a “Superstar Leadership” interview.   Franz came with his wife and beautiful baby, and he had the enthusiasm and energy of someone who not only love […]

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  • Celebrities and Everyday Leaders

    Celebrities and Everyday Leaders

    Michael Jackson.  Steve McNair.  Mark Sanford.  Sarah Palin.  Those we follow, caught between circus and tragedy. If ever there was a time for Everyday Leaders, it’s now. With the freedom and democracy we were bestowed on the 4th of July, 1776, I think I’m going […]

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