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  • 5 Minutes in the Next 3 Days – Grumble or Act

    5 Minutes in the Next 3 Days – Grumble or Act

    Friends, The comments to last week’s RFL were the best ever, I think. They were richly diverse and deeply thoughtful. I’m looking for even better this week. Apologies to non-Michiganians, but this is a huge week for political – and for everyday – leaders in […]

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  • Looking at Men from 38,000 Feet

    Looking at Men from 38,000 Feet

    Friends,   Men are at risk.   I listened to a talk by Marianne Williamson yesterday, one of the wisest and most spiritual people I know.  She was talking about the mythological and psychological underpinnings that shape the way we think about and act in […]

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  • The Power of Belonging

    The Power of Belonging

    A reminder that this e-column is about “everyday leaders,” therefore you don’t need to be authorized to lead, or to heed.  Today’s message:  Leaders always see, and tend to the importance of culture.  Culture is what unleashes or traps energy, creates meaning or meanness, offers […]

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  • Boys To Men

    Boys To Men

    It’s extraordinary how fast our culture has adapted.  Thirty years ago women were rarities in halls of power – or even as supervisors of men in white collar settings.  Now, it’s a non-issue.  But have men come along?  Are we ready for this, dudes?  Take […]

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  • Back to School Leaders

    Back to School Leaders

    back-to-school-leaders  I am struck today by contrasts and contradictions.  In Michigan, today is back-to-school day!!!!  Of course, college football began and the pros roll out this week.  Tigers are roaring.  And go, ahem, Lions.  So, here’s the contrast, then the leadership lessons.   Last week […]

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  • As Women Take Over – what changes?

    As Women Take Over – what changes?

    Women are now at about 49.7% of the workforce.  The shift in 30 years has been extraordinary.  So, questions arise, as we look to our girls (on this week’s show) and boys (next week).  Do the messages need to change?  And is there any meaning […]

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