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  • pinocchio dolls

    Is It The End of Men

    Is It The End of Men Friends, As I write on Sunday afternoon, we’re on our way to Metro Airport to pick up Jack from his first unaccompanied  trip. I won’t look at him quite the same because of something I read this week – […]

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  • _Leaving_Guyland

    Previously On “Everyday Leadership”: Men at Work

    Last week on “Everyday Leadership” Dan discusses men at work!  Young men fresh out of college are not taking the “rat race” seriously. Living one day at a time, millennial men are using what they learned from college – partying after graduation, rather than the […]

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  • Mega yell

    Previously on Everyday Leadership radio

    Last Week: Bad Bosses – micromanagers, deceivers, and bullies We follow last week’s show on “great bosses” with this one on the hellions who infect our work lives. How do they do it, why do they do it, and what can you do about it? […]

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  • Cuba-Trinidad-Caribbean-Sea-Playa-Ancon-clear-water-fish-1-MY

    Can we make it any CLEARER?

    Can We Make It Any Clearer Friends, Thanks to the 800+ of you who responded to last week’s survey, we’ve got a crystal clear picture of what people want in a boss . . . and what’s often missing.  Here’s the bummer: What we most […]

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  • Druck

    Bosses Good and Not So

    Friends, This week on my Everyday Leadership radio show we’ll hear from Curt Coffman, who with Marcus Buckingham co-authored the highly popular Gallup-data based book, First, Break All the Rules: What the World’s Greatest Managers Do Differently.  They weren’t the first to say it, but said […]

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  • broadway

    Inner Freedom at 81st and Broadway

    Inner Freedom at 81st and Broadway Friends, I was running in New York City two weeks ago. Up and down Central Park’s hills (yes, it’s hilly in the middle of Manhattan!) The teeming life caused me to overrun my stamina, so I wearily began ambling […]

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  • unions2

    This Week On “Everyday Leadership” Radio

    This week, we’ll be discussing unions and organized labor from all different angles and industries.  Dan will also be talking to experts about right-to-work laws and the possible impact they would have on labor. Guests for the show include Bill Borch (president of the Tri-County […]

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  • MAF-july-4-050703

    I Blew it on Independence Day

    I Blew it on Independence Day Friends, A few years back I wrote – boasted? – that I was going to work on my repetitive behavior patterns, “because too often I repeat irritations, avoidances, and misunderstandings.” And then the following week, on the 4th of […]

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