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  • lab rats

    Of Skinner, Pavlov, and My Mistakes

    Of Skinner, Pavlov, and My Mistakes Friends, In last week’s “Reading for Leading,” I introduced a series on managing, and in particular balancing the need for constructive criticism with the need to support and energize employees. As an initial point I suggested this critical distinction: […]

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  • Mistakes are apart of life

    On “Everyday Leadership”: The Mistake Show

    Mistakes! Everyone makes them and this week on “Everyday Leadership” Dan will be discussing mistakes in the workplace. We’ll explore what employers would consider big flubs, and what you can brush under the rug and are easily fixed. The word mistake doesn’t hold the same […]

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  • managerial messiness

    Straightening Out the Mess of Managing

    Friends, I had two great conversations this week, which I will relate today as the foundation for a month-long series to help you think about how you might manage better.  Breakfast #1:  Bill* and I were talking about a CEO we both worked for.  “He […]

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  • berealcroppedforfeature

    Be Real – the book is now available

    Dan Mulhern’s second book Be Real: Inspiring Stories for Leading at Home and Work continues his remarkable journey showing us all how we can lead more effectively – and enjoy it more. In Be Real, Dan offers short written pieces that break open leadership and offer practical angles on […]

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  • midnight

    Recently on “Everyday Leadership”: Burning the Midnight Oil

    “Everyday Leadership” Dan will be exploring the midnight shift, and the workers burning the midnight oil to get the job done. When most of us hear that someone is working the midnight shift, we think more along the lines of industrial workers. Mark Murray the […]

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  • beer_brewer

    A New Man’s Beer Commercial

    Cover of The Myth of Male Power In an hour, I will join 10 awesome women and a very cool guy to be feted by the Michigan Women’s Hall of Fame.  Thomas Bisonnette, the Associate Executive Director for Nursing Practices at the Michigan Nurses Association […]

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  • Dan Talks About Coaching

    So, Say You Want to Offer Someone Some Coaching

    Friends, With the publication of my new book, Be Real last week I thought I’d try something new: a video version of Reading for Leading.  It’s one of my absolute favorite ideas – with credit to my friends at PMP in Bingham Farms – on […]

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  • Michigan State Capitol Building

    On “Everyday Leadership”: The Role of Government in Work

    With the race for Governor well underway, Dan will explore the role of government this week on “Everyday Leadership.” What goes into running an effective government, and if it takes a different sort of leadership to keep the ship above water. Dan will also take […]

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  • churchill

    What Do You Expect?

    What Do You Expect? Friends, Last week Jennifer, Jack, Cece and I saw a very powerful documentary film now out, called “Waiting for Superman.” There are enough scenes dramatic, controversial, or just really powerful, that it wouldn’t be possible for me to spoil the movie […]

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  • berealcroppedforfeature

    Meet-Up for Be Real

    My new book is out!  Be Real: Inspiring Stories for Leading at Home and Work.  Come say “Hey” and get your hands on it, leaf through it, maybe get one signed for yourself or for a friend (maybe make it your first Christmas gift)! The […]

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