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  • Recently on “Everyday Leadership”: Leading Women on Leading Men

    Recently on “Everyday Leadership” Dan talked with three leading women about the work family debate. Dan discussed the differences in the ways men and women lead on both the work and home front, and how we view both. Joan Williams Director of the Center for […]

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  • Folks are Restless

    Friends, The last month has been reminiscent of a time 40 years ago, in the late 60s when all hell broke loose. Powerlessness and acceptance of injustice were cast aside, as people took to the streets in the U.S. and around the world.  In 2010 […]

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  • My Friend Mick on Day 0 – a special midweek RFL

    Friends, This is a special mid-week RFL inspired by Mick McKellar. Actually, it’s all Mick. He had a complete bone marrow transplant on Monday at the Mayo Clinic, and the next day wrote the spectacular intro and poem he’s let me paste below. At the […]

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  • Julia Waller and your Unique Ability

    Julia Waller and your Unique Ability

    In this interview Julia talks to Dan about what “Unique Ability” is as a brand, what it is, and how you find yours.

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  • Unique Ability Catherine Nomura Part 2

    Unique Ability Catherine Nomura Part 2

    Catherine Nomura talks about the 10 Laws of Lifetime Growth in this segment.

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  • Unique Ability Catherine Nomura Part 1

    Unique Ability Catherine Nomura Part 1

    Catherine Nomura is the co-author of “Unique Ability: Creating the Life you Want” and in this segment she talks to Dan about how we are viewing personal growth differently.

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  • Roger Martin Part 2

    Roger Martin Part 2

    In the second segment Dan continues his discuss with Mr. Martin on the 2012 budget, and the cuts the state might be facing.

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  • Roger Martin Part 1

    Roger Martin Part 1

    In the beginning of the show Roger Martin of Martin-Waymire Advocacy Communications talks about the announcement of Governor Synder’s 2012 budget.

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  • Previously on “Everyday Leadership”: Gender Roles in Health Care

    Previously on “Everyday Leadership” Dan talks about “Health Care and the Role of Caregivers.” Many of us think of women in the role of nursing, but what about the men of nursing? Author Christine Williams has written about men in women’s jobs and how the […]

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  • Damn…This Beautiful Snowy World

    Friends, (Don’t skip the p.s.) Sunday, 6:20 PM.  Jen’s flight’s canceled. Kate stomps in saying “I can’t get that boat of a (Ford) Flex in your stupid little garage” and she’s wondering how she’ll get back to Ann Arbor for a 10:00 AM class on […]

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