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  • Leader Seduction

    Friends, Last week just about EVERYONE got sick of Congress. ¬†Hopefully, this week, they’ll give us some medicine to get over our sickness. ¬†ASIDE from the politics – and I’m biting my partisan tongue – I believe there is a big lesson relevant to our […]

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  • Keep the Change

    Friends, Don’t you wish you could just tell them: “Keep the change?!” But it just keeps coming, faster than death or taxes. In leadership, you’ve got to look for change and work to help others see it…though they’d rather you just keep the change. It’s […]

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  • Everyday Leadership – Everyday Followership

    Friends, So, we’re out here in far away California. Our house feels like a summer cottage – lots of wood and windows-to-nature and walls that don’t require northern insulation – and we feel like we’re on vacation. Classes don’t start until late August. Jack’s cool […]

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