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  • cain and abel

    Sibling Rivalry – Sibling Leadership

    Sibling Rivalry – Sibling Leadership Friends, I was talking to my sister Sheila a trained social worker, about the cover of this week’s TIME: “Why Mom Liked You Best: The Science of Favoritism.”  I asked her what she thought it meant for leadership.  “Everything,” she […]

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  • cover a governors story

    Should Leaders Show Vulnerability?

    Friends, Tomorrow, Jennifer and I officially release A Governor’s Story: The Fight for Jobs and America’s Economic Future.  It took us about 18 months to write, and it’s about 300 pages long, so, (how) can I distill a decent Reading for Leading message?  (Warning: I […]

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  • Steve Phelps

    Get Wacky to Change and Survive

    Friends, Here’s a wacky idea. It would be cool to apply it if you’re leading a family, an office team, a choir, etc.  I draw it from a school setting, so it would certainly apply there, but also to larger organizations – and most certainly […]

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  • knocking-on-door-300x199

    Hidden Sources of Power

    Friends, Maybe because all four of my  grandparents came to this country as young adults, I have always had a bias in favor of the gifts that newcomers bring to a culture. I am stoked at the experience I have begun in this regard. Might […]

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