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  • a hundred bucks for trust

    Best Story Ever on Leading with Trust

    Friends, I’ve got three things for you  today – an unbelievably crazy story, a lesson in leadership from Kouzes and Posner, and a question or two for you.  Here’s the story: We go to church and Fr. Mark says that he has been to Kenya […]

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  • Pile of cell phones - small image

    Stand Tough When Technology Can Sweep You Away

    Stand Tough When Technology Can Sweep You Away Friends, Scene 1:  “How many devices do we have going?” my sister asked on Saturday as she scanned the five of us with what turned out to be 4 smart phones and one laptop.  “I can be […]

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  • skewed trust

    Trust Matters – Be Careful What They Trust You For

    Trust Matters – Be Careful What They Trust You For Friends, One of my two partners asked me, “How did your program go?” She was inquiring about the year-long leadership course I had kicked off the day before with thirty school principals. Her tone was unusually […]

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  • Two Screens

    Why Adding A Computer Monitor Takes Away Distractions

    Friends, A quick mid-week Reading for Leading recommendation: Buy a second screen for your computer! A New York Times 1A story title today asks, “If One Screen Is Good, Are 3 Better? Many Multitaskers Think So.” I completely agree, but not for the reasons in […]

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  • Jack Mulhern depicts a fulcrum

    Why Are Some Leaders Better Weight Lifters?

    Friends, I strongly recommend you view the video version of today’s Reading for Leading, but if you’d prefer to read, I’ve included the text below the video, as some requested. I don’t recommend a lot of books on leadership but when I do it’s because […]

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