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  • HandingOutMoney

    Double Dare You: Give it Away

    Friends, So, 46 days ago Fr. Mark, instead of collecting money at the offering, distributed purple envelopes containing cold hard American cash.  There were no receipts.  You just took it.  I got $100; Jack got $10 (Jennifer was out of town that day).  We were asked, […]

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  • robert fritz path of least resistance

    How Creative Leaders Gain an Enduring Edge

    A note from Dan: Somehow 12 years have passed since I began writing Reading for Leading. To mark the anniversary, each month I will feature a special RFL guest column from one of my favorite authors, most of whom have become mentors, colleagues and friends. In […]

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  • DSC01159

    Anna Led With Her Best Self

    Friends, I told my students in the very first week of January:  “I am not THE leader in here.  Anyone and everyone can lead. This is, a class about leadership, so lead.” In my crazy view, life itself should be that class where we strive […]

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  • EM-USA-Badge-14

    How Lieutenant Colonel Negin Inspired and Impressed Me – And You?

    Friends, The comments were awesome last week about my u-turn and how I replayed the comments of the angry driver.  I learned a lot, especially about forgiveness. Thanks! I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have great collaborators just drop into my working life. Have you?  These […]

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