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    When a Lot of Things Seem Frustrating There’s a Different Place to Start

    Friends, What if the things I am most sure about, I am actually most wrong about? And what if in this, you are like me? I’d say for the vast majority of my 5-plus decades – or at least starting during my adolescence – I […]

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  • YouAreImportant

    Know How Important You Are

    Special 12th Anniversary Edition Guest Blogger: Jim Kouzes   First the bad news. Tuesday, October 16, was not a very good day for bosses. It should have been a good day—it was Boss’s Day after all—but it wasn’t. Instead of getting congratulatory notes, candy, and […]

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  • Clear the Frame

    When A Problem Won’t Go Away

    My wife and son and I were on our way back from the airport and were approaching the 7-mile long San Mateo Bridge. It usually moves at an easy 60 MPH clip, but we could see it was a tenth of that speed and slowing […]

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  • obama-romney-debate-ap

    If You’ve Never Been Embarrassed Publicly Don’t Bother Reading This

    Friends, If nobody’s ever embarrassed you in public – even before a public of one — skip this column.  But if not, I offer some serious counsel on power and authority (related to but not the same thing as leadership; see footnotes)*. I debated in high […]

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  • Berkeley Fall

    October 1 Ain’t Just Any Day — Especially if you lead young people

    Friends, I love teaching at a great public university — the Michigan of the West, because my daughters went to a great public university, the Berkeley of the East. My undergraduate students seem so familiar, like my kids’ friends who’d chat with us across the […]

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