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  • mary mulhern city council

    Would Dad Be Proud of You?

    Friends,  My sister Mary emailed this photo to me and our 5 brothers and sisters. Her note said, “Dad would have been proud.”  And she was so right. Our old man served on the city council in Inkster, Michigan (about 1/20 the size of Tampa, […]

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  • divided highway

    When Your Family, Team, or Group Keeps Getting Divided

    Friends, Dang!  Things come apart so easily. For example(s): A staff member keeps creating conflict with you or others.   Your boss seems like she came from a different planet; she never smiles, and that’s not funny.  One of your kids is a challenge-a-minute.  The […]

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    So You Want To Be Part of a Great Team?

    Dear Friends, “So You Want To Be Part of a Great Team?” I ask, as did Jon Katzenbach and Douglas Smith in their book The Wisdom of Teams. The “why” you’d want to is obvious, and likely two-fold. First, teams generate results.  A great team is […]

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  • influence1

    Great Leaders Use Influence, Not Power

    Special 12th Anniversary Guest Column JOEL GARFINKLE: Great Leaders Use Influence, Not Power Many leaders confuse influence with power. However, there is a vast difference between the two and the simple act of learning that difference and how to use it can move your career ahead in unexpected ways. […]

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