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  • 4th Quarter

    Squeezing the most out of the year-end

    Friends, Jack was really irritated when he asked me, “How many times are you going to tell me ‘it’s the 4th quarter?'”  Answering  a question with a question, I asked my 15-year old how many days were left until his finals were over.  (We both […]

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  • scott-humble-teacher-250

    How to Choose a Role Model for Maximum Effect – a mini column

    Friends, We got to Jack’s piano recital early last night. Scott was putting the programs on the chairs. Just an 8-1/2 x 11 sheet folded in half, with a frilly cut on the right side of the cover.  Inside: Twenty three students were listed on […]

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  • Snapshot 1 (5-13-2013 12-20 AM)

    Can You Lead Your Mom With Renewed Spirit? How everyday leadership works

    Friends, I returned Sunday from the Oregon coast (which by the way struck me as though it was a marvelous cousin to the lands of the Lake Michigan dunes). I was on a retreat with 11 other men looking to renew “meaning in the middle […]

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  • kg and doc rivers

    Let Yourself Be Led by Those You Ostensibly Lead

    Friends, Sometimes I wonder:  Have I gotten too soft, when so many of my Reading for Leading blogs are about relationship?  But then I figure:  how else can you lead or be led, except in relationship?  And this past week offered three ripe examples, one […]

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