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  • right under your nose

    How We’ve Discovered Untapped Resources

    I was with a client last week and they repeatedly used the word “under-resourced.”  If you’re not Google or Twitter, that statement probably applies to you, right?  We’re all stretched thin in these days of do-more-with-less.  Yet I’ve been blessed by raining-down resources, and perhaps […]

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  • take action

    Leading Action

    I’m 55 and a voice in me groaned quietly to hear it again.  I’ve been going to church more or less religiously (forgive the pun) on Sundays for those 5+ decades. And when I heard “A man had two sons,” I knew the story nearly […]

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  • feedback

    How to avoid defensiveness and to learn instead

    Last week I wondered out loud with you how you help others to take feedback constructively, rather than defensively. And I also asked: how do you help yourself to be so open to growth. THANKS to the 55 people who responded . . . with […]

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  • Sure I'm listening

    Help Write Today’s RFL On Openness and Growth

    Today, I ask two questions, seeking your input — both to get you to engage in the question I’m asking (gosh that sounds pedantic), and so you can help us learn from a broad group about an important issue.  I write RFL and teach students […]

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