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  • november calendar short week

    Short Reading for a Short Week of Leading

    I’m coming to the end of 14 years of writing Reading for Leading on a weekly basis. So: Thanks!!!!  Thanks for reading (and perhaps commenting once in a while).  I’m a Myers-Briggs “F” for “feeler,” so for me it’s all about relationship.  Where some people, gratefully, […]

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  • Huffpo homepage on Obamacare problems

    Do We Need Scapegoats?

    Have you lately heard the ringing cries for blood?!  The Obamacare debacle lies before us.  Major mistakes have been made — on the one hand with the President’s terrible misstatements about “keeping your health plan,”and in the large-scale system planning disaster on the other. In […]

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  • flag-3

    Incredible Room for Your Idealism

    In my 5-1/2 decades on the earth I’ve never seen ideas-ideals sweep so fast across this country. And it forces me to ask: What “reality” am I tolerating that could well change…and quickly?  Have you noticed what’s going on? 1.  We went from the pretty […]

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  • leverage

    Gaining Leverage With Challenging “Allies”

    Although we battle with some adversaries, e.g., Obama v. Assad; most of our difficulties – truth be told are with allies, those in our tent: Boehner with the Tea Party, mom with dad, CEO with COO, boss with worker. We forget that we’re on the […]

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