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  • How Simple Humor and Wisdom Can Tame the Fury of Self Criticism

    I loved this 45-second clip of Daniel Goleman telling a classic story about Larry David, the producer of “Seinfeld,” who plays himself on the HBO series “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” I thought Goleman’s telling was worth sharing in audio format:   On one level, this is […]

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  • What’s the Best Way to Impact a Bad Field of Energy?

    Last week I wrote about how a “field” of energy can envelope a culture. Here are the survey results — both troubling and s-o-o-o intriguing, as people selected three statements that “most accurately describe the environment, the “field of energy” in their office (or whatever milieu […]

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  • Improve Your Sense of the “Field” That’s Surrounding You

    My reading of Daniel Goleman’s fascinating book Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence has coincided this week with a powerful experience of “a field” of energy in a group.  Goleman writes persuasively about how important it is to be able to change our focus, and to focus […]

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