A Season of Generous Leadership


What would you say is the first thing a person must have to be a leader?  Ambition?  Confidence?  Vision?  Intellect?  This would be a fun discussion; don’t you think?

I’d say the first attribute of a leader is generosity.  To lead, by definition, is to reach beyond oneself.  The fundamental leadership attitude is one that works to enhance others, individually and collectively.

So, you might see this month as a leadership season, in that it is a season of generosity, of reaching out to others.  I’ve put a little Christmas-Holiday spin on my website www.danmulhern.com and offer there some ways to lead and to give; for example, ways to give of your time or treasure.  And since it’s a gift-giving season I have put some of my favorite leadership resources out there, in case you want to give gifts that help others grow.   (Included is my own book Everyday Leadership, which I humbly offer for your consideration).

I’m looking forward to offering you another year of Reading for Leading – it will be my ninth!  In the meantime, I hope this season will bring you depth and strength of generosity to continue to

Lead with your best self.