Great Leading Women – and the men behind them

Michigan’s first “First Gentleman” shares practical observations about women who lead

Impact and Outcome
• A framework for understanding different ways that (different) women and (different) men lead and how we perceive them
Heightened self understanding of how your leadership style may be perceived
• Specific strategies and tactics to deal with the complex and conflicted expectations we have of women in leadership

Why Dan
• Dan has been married for over twenty year to Governor Jennifer Granholm and has had a bird’s eye view of a pioneering woman leader
• Dan is gender bi-lingual, having been raised with four sisters and often working in women-led organizations and being a leader in the female-dominate National Governors Association spouses’ leadership council
• Because he has a ton of fun, great stories and lots of laughs that he shares when he speaks with women who lead

Added Value
• Dan offers perspective on raising kids (and grandkids) and balancing work and home – where Dan takes the lead role with their three kids (he has a popular CD called Be the Parent Your Children WANT To Follow)
• On average 60% of Dan’s audiences sign up for his free weekly e-newsletter “Reading for Leading” to reinforce the ideas he’s shared

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