Be Real: Great Educators are Great Leaders!


A book to inspire the most important leaders we have-those who lead in schools!

Schools have never been asked to do more. And never given less support to do it. Great educational leaders find a way though to bring their best self to school every day. And thousands of them have found support and direction from Dan Mulhern.

Dan enjoys a good book with kids

Be Real is written by a former classroom teacher who has been learning, practicing and teaching leadership for thirty years. His stories never deny the challenges of the turbulent world in which we lead, yet offer new and renewed perspectives for leading students, teachers, schools and even school systems to offer their very best.

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“In my 20 years as an executive with HP and in my work at the Center with some of the world’s leading companies, I have learned that 99% of leadership isn’t about what the elite few do in a moment of crisis. It is the product of everyday work and life. Dan Mulhern’s excellent new book gently but eloquently makes this point in a highly readable fashion.”

– Professor Brad Harringon, Executive Director, Boston College Center for Work & Family