Be Real: Great Leadership Comes From The Heart

A leadership book to inspire committed people in challenging times.

Dan Mulhern brings a unique perspective to leadership. He has advised his wife Governor Granholm in as challenging a public, high profile job as you could imagine. He had to learn a whole new style, adapting his traditional competitive male upbringing to play in a support role for her at work, and to play the lead role at home. He has watched and learned and used his extensive leadership training and study to feed the streams of his wife’s leadership and his family’s challenges.

As a highly respected professional coach and facilitator he applies lessons in imaginative ways.

He shares inspiring stories from remarkable leaders – from his children leading-up, to those at renowned businesses he’s worked with, to high profile leaders.  Dan writes with admiration for strong women and with passionate encouragement for men who support them.

“This is a refreshingly different book about leadership.  Be Real is a delightful series of conversations about how to lead and how one grows and evolves as a leader, whether you are the CEO of your company or leading a family through the daily challenges of living.  Be Real contains no gimmicks, no quick or easy answers, just page after page of thought provoking insights into the leadership world where most of us exist.  Be Real will make you laugh, cringe at your own reactions in the stories shared, but most often, you’ll be inspired on every page.”

– Carolyn Cassin, President and CEO, Michigan Women’s Foundation