Be Real: Lead Nonprofits

Be Real offers inspiration and support for people who inspire and support others every single day. Treat yourself.

Non-profit workers are some of the most unheralded and unrewarded people in the world of work. Few books are written with them in mind. Be Real is an exception.

Reading to eager children in Dearborn

Dan Mulhern has worked in and around non-profit organizations his entire life, working with children, housing, the homeless, and tirelessly raising funds for education, mentoring and youth-serving agencies.

In his leadership programs, he has delighted in working with non-profit workers, who get little, but take what is offered and stretch those precious resources – funding, training or encouragement. Be Real helps fill that bill, offering ideas, inspiration and support to help people who help others all the time.

“Mulhern shares deeply personal experiences and from them, draws penetrating insights about the nature of leadership and relationships.  His conversational tone provides easy access to profound wisdom on very page.  Save a return trip to the bookstore and buy a copy for yourself, your boss, your employees, your spouse and each of your children today.”

– Kerry Kennedy, President, RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights, author Speak Truth to Power.