Be Real: Inspiring Stories For Leading At Home And Work

A leadership book with grounded stories to inspire you to be your best.

Sometimes it’s good to have crisp, simple stories to remind you and inspire you to lead as best you can. Dan’s Be Real offers bite-sized stories from very real leadership situations – workplaces and families, too – where the work is not theoretical but real.



In his second book, BE REAL: INSPIRING STORIES FOR LEADING AT HOME AND WORK, First Gentleman Dan Granholm Mulhern offers everyone, from stay at home parents to busy CEOs, practical leadership advice. This inspirational guide is full of stories and tips for leading more effectively in a wide-range of situations.


Mulhern draws from personal experiences. He’s worked in a variety of industries—from his first jobs as paperboy and caddy to his time as a high school teacher, Mulhern found that while the work was drastically different, the qualities of great leaders remained the same. In BE REAL: INSPIRING STORIES FOR LEADING AT HOME AND WORK, Mulhern discusses emerging topics that affect everyday leaders in a conversational style which empowers readers to take action in their own lives.