Be Real: New World – Great Dads


Be Real offers inspiring lessons and stories to lead with your best – at work and home.

This is a phenomenal time to be a man, husband and dad. It takes adjustments for sure. But we have women who are dynamic, growing, full partners. We can lead more humanly at work – with more openness and more humanity. We can see our kids’ ballgames and don’t have to put up masks all the time – pretending to know all and be always self-assured. And it’s a time for a better kind of leadership for all of us.

This book flows from Dan’s experiences in this new world, leading from behind his wife, Governor Jennifer Granholm of Michigan; being the lead parent for their children; and leading organizations as a consultant, coach and speaker.

If you’re a man who shares the job of leading – economically, emotionally, and domestically, share the road with Dan in this his second book on great, everyday leadership.


“This book really draws great parallels between being a good parent and a good business leader.  I know it is hard to be both.  This book is a must read.  Be Real definitely puts things things into perspective.

Florine Mark, President and CEO, The WW Group (the leading franchise holder for Weight Watchers)