Brief Thoughts for a Short Week


Brief thoughts for a gratefully short week:

First, give thanks at work.  Write ‘em up on the flipcharts, on the whiteboards, on the bulletin boards, on agendas and emails.  Giving thanks is right and it also generates positive energy we all need down the stretch.  We would neither have fun nor results if it weren’t for those with whom we work.  What better week is there to tell them how grateful we are?

Second, from here til the new year, focus on the essentials.  The days are getting short – literally and figuratively.  There’s the year-end madness for many (e.g., the lawyers and accountants and CFO’s trying to bring in all those receivables), and there’s those parties that sometimes feel more like obligations than opportunities.  Too much to do.  So, try to work a little smarter instead of just harder.  Politely say no to people.  Let go of non-essential work.

Maybe most important during this season:  fight the temptation to put too much on your plate!

Have a sweet, short and successful week as you

Lead with your best self,


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