Can Reading for Leading Be Fun? Is March — Madness?



Today’s column is really NOT about hoops (much as I love the game).

It’s about how brackets are both really cool — for reasons I do not understand — and can be kind of useful.  So, just for kicks I have created my own tournament bracket for your and my use.  In each branch of the bracket, I have put two words in a head-to-head competition. You choose the winner.  But instead of college basketball teams, I have put personal VALUES on my bracket.  For example, in “game 1” in the South Regional, I ask you to choose which value is more important to you — Creativity or Dependability.  The winner of that “game” will go up against the winner of the square-off between Grit and Kindness.  And, for another example, in “game 4” in the Midwest Regional, it’s Wealth against Steadfastness. Which do you prefer?

I thought it would be a fun way to sort out your personal values and boil  down to your top 4,  or if you want, you can “eliminate” all the way down to your number 1 value. We know that to lead well it is of vital importance that we know what we stand for, and what values we want to hold up to and for those with whom we work and live.

So you can either copy/print the image or heck make up your own.  Whaddya think?  What’s gonna make your Final Four? What really matters to you, as you

Lead with your best self?