Can we make it any CLEARER?


Can We Make It Any Clearer


Thanks to the 800+ of you who responded to last week’s survey, we’ve got a crystal clear picture of what people want in a boss . . . and what’s often missing.  Here’s the bummer: What we most want is what’s most often missing: CLARITY!  So, this morning’s invitation to everyday leaders is to double back and clarify.

For those who didn’t take the survey or check out the full results, here’s the top takeaway: When asked to select from a list, what three attributes were most important in a boss, people said as follows:  Honesty 43.2%;  Clear goals 43.1%; and Clear feedback 38.5%. People want their boss to be straightforward in saying where they’re going, and to tell them clearly how they’re performing along the way.   Here are the survey’s top answers:

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What is remarkable is that when I offered people a host of negative boss behaviors, and asked which ones were most frequent, 4 of the top 5 had to do with these same attributes of honesty and clarity.  Topping the list were: vagueness, mixed messages, favoritism, lack of feedback and flip-flopping. Here are the top vote-getters:

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The message could not be clearer for all of us.  Clarify the goals, the ends, the aims – what it is we’re trying to accomplish, and frequently and clearly let people know how they are doing against those objectives.  Do it to:

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