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  • Snapshot 1 (5-13-2013 12-20 AM)

    Mom Leadership

    Today’s RFL is a “best of” edition.  I feel as strongly as the day I wrote it. I was just talking to a good friend and his 9th grade son, and while “pops” was distracted by another conversation, I asked the younger: “Who’s the leader […]

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  • President Obama Wiping a Tear

    Intimacy and Leadership

    Friends, What a week. After all the intensity and anticipation, the election came and is gone. Can you believe TIME already has profiles of the 2016 contenders?  Is that not a sign that the pace of our lives needs just a little recalibration? From a […]

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  • Petoskey 2011_446

    Everyday Leadership – Everyday Followership

    Friends, So, we’re out here in far away California. Our house feels like a summer cottage – lots of wood and windows-to-nature and walls that don’t require northern insulation – and we feel like we’re on vacation. Classes don’t start until late August. Jack’s cool […]

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  • P1020721

    Father Leadership – Who’s Doing It?

    Friends, As Fathers Day approaches I’m wondering where father leadership is these days. In my home, we have watched my wife play most of what used to be considered male roles; many of you have witnessed the obvious – Jennifer as primary breadwinner, public face […]

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  • Tips for Men in Lust

    Read in The Daily Beast: Dan’s “8 Tips for Men in Power—and In Lust”

    Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s alleged sexual assault of a maid show men need to talk to each other about how to treat women. Daniel Mulhern, a former first husband of Michigan, offers eight tips on getting the conversation started.

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  • Strong Men Speak

    Check out Dan’s new and evolving project

    www.StrongMenSpeak.com is the go-to site for creative ideas, research, and a place for your voice, as we explore men’s phenomenal opportunity to change and grow in a world that has dramatically changed around them. Visit www.StrongMenSpeak.com for more information.

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