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  • mensay_womenhear

    What Men Say, What Women Hear

    Special 12th Anniversary Guest Column By Katherine Crowley and Kathi Elster We recently appeared on a late-night television show to promote our new book, Mean Girls at Work.  Our hosts, two male comedians, were very surprised to learn that women react to teasing, sparring and criticism very differently […]

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  • influence1

    Great Leaders Use Influence, Not Power

    Special 12th Anniversary Guest Column JOEL GARFINKLE: Great Leaders Use Influence, Not Power Many leaders confuse influence with power. However, there is a vast difference between the two and the simple act of learning that difference and how to use it can move your career ahead in unexpected ways. […]

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  • YouAreImportant

    Know How Important You Are

    Special 12th Anniversary Edition Guest Blogger: Jim Kouzes   First the bad news. Tuesday, October 16, was not a very good day for bosses. It should have been a good day—it was Boss’s Day after all—but it wasn’t. Instead of getting congratulatory notes, candy, and […]

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  • Clear the Frame

    When A Problem Won’t Go Away

    My wife and son and I were on our way back from the airport and were approaching the 7-mile long San Mateo Bridge. It usually moves at an easy 60 MPH clip, but we could see it was a tenth of that speed and slowing […]

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  • report_card

    Building on the Positive When Faced with the Negative

    Special 12th Anniversary Guest Column KIM S. CAMERON: Building on the Positive When Faced With the Negative   We are all familiar with the principle that leaders should emphasize the positive, build on strengths, and focus on abundance rather than deficits.  We know that providing positive feedback is […]

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  • Too Critical

    Are You Too Critical? Research Says…Probably

    My 21-year old daughter stopped me in my tracks.  “Have you ever heard your tone of voice with Jack (her 14 year old brother)?” she asked me this week.   The implication was clear and clearly troubling!  Of course, none of us do hear just what […]

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  • Integrity

    Joel Hyatt Hits a Home Run on Values and Integrity

    Take a leap with me this week into multimedia, with a first-ever video Reading for Leading.  It’s less than 3 minutes in length, but I think you’ll like the point.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you think of both the medium and […]

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  • dgm_AGS_Sitebanner2

    A Governor’s Story

    Dan Mulhern and Gov. Granholm’s latest book “A Governor’s Story” is now available! A candid account by Michigan’s charismatic, controversial former governor of reckoning with the profound economic challenges her state—and the country—face. Release Date: 9/20/11 Jennifer Granholm was the two-term governor of Michigan, a […]

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  • Strong Men Speak

    Check out Dan’s new and evolving project is the go-to site for creative ideas, research, and a place for your voice, as we explore men’s phenomenal opportunity to change and grow in a world that has dramatically changed around them. Visit for more information.

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  • conflict resolution

    Previously on “Everyday Leadership”: Working through Conflicts

    Previously on “Everyday Leadership” Dan talked about conflict and resolution at home, work and play. Solving problems seems easy enough, but what about when people aren’t willing to budge? Professor of Public Policy at Harvard University Iris Bohnet was on to talk with Dan about […]

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