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  • How to become glad-you’re-here with a challenging colleague

    Quick recaps from the last two weeks: Two weeks ago I talked about the power that comes to a leader who says by their behavior and their actions towards others, “I’m so glad you’re here.” Speaking this way is a powerful manner of exhibiting leadership. Last week I pondered […]

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  • Wait – What if you AREN’T happy to see a key colleague – what then?

    Thanks for the comments and emails about last week’s blog on Aunt Linda and leaders like her who convey in words and behavior, “I’m so glad you’re here.” I am so glad you are here today with Read2Lead! In contrast to last week’s positive message, sometimes […]

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  • Leading by 2 – an idea worth spreading

    For six years I have been looking at the nature of Leading by Two.  I have been coaching pairs 2-at-a-time, running workshops on great pairs and collaboration, and researching and writing with my LX2 thought partner,  John Gillis.  John and I live it in our […]

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