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  • blink

    5 Ways To Escape How You’ve Been Type Cast

    In Blink, Malcolm Gladwell mined mountains of psychological studies and produced boxcars of data to demonstrate the incredible speed with which the human mind makes judgments. And once we make judgments…boy, do they stick. Appearances that should be irrelevant — our race, gender, and age; our physical […]

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  • target checkout

    I’d like to hear your story

    Last week I wrote about the story of the “coin on the copier.” In a “comment,” Steven Jackson, one of my students, shared a similar story. It’s too good not to call your attention to it. And I do so with this invitation: What’s YOUR […]

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  • FDR dime

    Leading with Character and With a Coin on the Copier

    Last week I referenced the story of the “coin on the copier.” I referred to it as one of those stories about things you may say — especially when people look up to you — where the impact on others is more powerful than you’d […]

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  • Purple language

    Leaders Are Big – But Forget It

    Last week I wrote about how my former TA, Hannah figured she was being listened to and appreciated, because, as she said, “I get invited to a lot of meetings.”  That story prompted this response from a reader: “I remember very vividly one early morning […]

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  • Dilbert at a meeting

    What to do if They don’t listen to you

    Yesterday, I went for a run with Hannah, a former student and TA of mine. She’s now doing amazing work at an excellent organization. She shared some reflections on how she felt the organization could improve. I shared with her that I thought her reflections […]

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  • Salvador rivets

    Organic Farming Teaching Leading

    I heard two amazing speakers at a spa/retreat placed called Rancho La Puerta outside Tecate in Mexico a few weeks back. And, I watched the way people listened to them.  And I want you to invite such riveted listening. My wife Jennifer (Granholm) was one. […]

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  • straight outta compton

    Two Great Leadership Movies – summer’s best

    If you haven’t seen them, go! I hate it when people spoil movies by telling me a lot, so I won’t do that here. I’ll just tell you what you’ve seen in previews, or what will not take away from the core story. Straight Outta […]

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  • zaks2

    Leading When Positions Harden

    Often in leadership, and especially where there are two people  involved, positions harden.  It may happen that you have increasingly adverse positions with: Your boss on strategy or personnel Your spouse on child-rearing Your child on behavior and values It can take a lot of […]

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    Who’s Got Your Back?

    Literally means literally. Okay? And Cliff had my back literally. Since he was 7 years old my son Jack has told me — not asked — that on his 16 birthday we would jump out of a plane together.  My rather significant acrophobia told him […]

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  • featured

    The Anti-Trump – One Minute of Humble and Powerful Inspiration for Everyday Leaders

    In preparing to facilitate a session on vision with an amazing group of women leaders recently, I found the splendid one-minute clip below.  Twenty years ago you couldn’t have found it, unless perhaps you scraped through recording archives of the Library of Congress.  Today, we […]

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