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  • Leaders don't always act.

    Don’t Lead

    While preparing for an upcoming series of classes and speeches, I pulled up my “Definitions” of leadership file.  Here are two: “Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.”          […]

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  • Using Ritual to Lead

    I’ve been thinking about routine and ritual a lot. The older I get the more I seem to appreciate how deeply we humans crave them and how important they are for those of us who lead teams, families, communities. I wonder about your rituals. We began the […]

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  • The Most Meaningful Award for You

    What would it be? The most meaningful award you can imagine? I used to hope for a MacArthur Fellowship.  I guess that’s not to be, i.e., I’m just not a genius.  Darn.  I covet another award, but in a superstitious way, maybe, I can’t say […]

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  • Here’s a Leadership Gift – Just Cut and Paste

    Last week’s Read2Lead post promised to tell you “how to take a leap forward in leadership effectiveness.” In the post, I was reveling in how I had received specific coaching from a student. His feedback was entirely new to me and thus promised me – […]

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  • How to Take a Big Leap in Leadership Effectiveness

    I sincerely believe I am going to leap forward in my teaching-leadership this week, because I got a great gift a week ago. The context for the gift was my sending students an email last weekend. In it, I told them that I was seeking […]

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  • Zulu music for the world

    Positive, Fun and Easy Leading

    Check out this list.  What do these things have in common: Telephone Deck of cards Answering machine Phone book Cookbook Camera Camcorder Tape recorder Radio Cup of Dice Alarm clock Calculator Dictionary Rolodex Calendar Street map Flashlight Fax Compass Metronome Outdoor thermometer Encyclopedia Hint: You […]

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  • How to Manage Conflict with the Powerful and Entrenched

    Thanks for the wonderful feedback on my just-completed 3-part series on how to constructively engage when there is CONFLICT.  I got wonderful push back, too.  Some argued against the usefulness of my prescriptions in important cases.  For example, my deliberate, humble and honest approach to […]

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  • resolving conflict, series on conflict

    Resolving Interpersonal Conflict – 3rd of 3

    My business partner M.A. used to say, “Muller, we teach best what we most need to learn.” So, I’ve been teaching myself about conflict over the last two weeks.  Here in Red is a summary of the first two RFL columns on the topic: 1: Heighten your […]

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  • Curbing the Curse of Conflict – Part Two

    This is part 2 of 3 in thinking about one of – if not the greatest energy-sucks in organizational and family life:  Conflict. Last week, I suggested a three-part foundation (if you missed last week’s RFL, the three parts are described in a little more […]

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  • How You Can Get a Handle on the Costly Curse of Conflict

    We were seven kids in a pretty healthy family.  Seven kids in a 3-bedroom ranch. Oh, and seven 7 kids in our one Ford Country Squire. Picture the 9 of us, sardine chldren: We were a daily and nightly laboratory of conflict. My memory is […]

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