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  • thinking-conf-bias

    The Rewarding Discipline of Positive Leadership

    “Doesn’t being so positive with people end up meaning that you’re denying reality?”   I was asked this at a Women’s Executive Leadership program at the Haas Business School at Berkeley last week.  She was responding to my challenge: great relationships tilt heavily positive, so […]

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  • Horses into the final stretch

    5 Ways to Lead Down the Stretch

    Now we head down the stretch with that strange admixture of tugs and pulls: Thanksgiving, Advent, collecting from clients, Hanukkah, year-end reviews, New Year’s, bonuses, gift-giving, planning for 2017, and . . . shopping. Let me add one more strange pairing and that is leadership […]

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  • leverage-on-carrell

    Use This Leverage Point For the Micromanager and the Micromanaged

    I often do an exercise in which I ask people to take index cards and write down the behaviors they have experienced from their managers which have dis-abled, de-energized, de-motivated, dis-couraged, or otherwise dis-sed or de-ed them.  Stop for a nano-second and consider a manager […]

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  • boxes-right-and-wrong

    Keeping it real simple

    This blog is called Everyday Leadership.  Obama is Obama.  Trump is Trump.  And you and I can choose to be everyday leaders.  324,707,000 people reside here.  It’s pretty wonderful and pretty crazy that as 1 out of 324,707,000 each of us feels entitled to have […]

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    Post Election Healing – Our Auto-Immune Disease

    America wakes up as divided as she went to sleep. He has handily won the Electoral College. She appears to have won the popular vote. The latter is electorally irrelevant and statistically insignificant. The country is rent in two. For this piece, I hope to […]

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    You – Making America Great Together

    The last marathon I ran was in Sacramento, and the last mile felt harder, slower, and longer than the first 25.1.  It reminds me of this never-ending race.  Wednesday, when it’s over, the question will be:  How will Trump or Clinton help us heal? Since […]

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  • WASHINGTON - JULY 30:  (L-R)  Harvard University Professor Henry Louis Gates, Cambridge Police Sgt. James Crowley and President Barack Obama drink beer in the Rose Garden at the White House July 30, 2009 in Washington, DC. Crowley arrested Gates, a preeminent scholar of African-American history, in his own home July 16 for disorderly conduct. The issue reached national attention last week when, during a televised news conference Obama said the officer acted stupidly.   (Photo by Pete Souza/White House via Getty Images)

    4 Ways White Folk Can Lead When it Comes to Race

    Thanks for all the great comments last week in response to my blog about whether you would have the courage to read a (rather long) Reading for Leading about race in America.  If you missed last week’s missive it was about how as white folk, […]

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    Do You Have the Courage to Read Reading for Leading

    My intent today is to create new and realistic hope and purpose. But I need you to go uphill with me. Please don’t give up. Give me a few paragraphs before you do. Yes? Why make this unusual plea? Because I know that few leadership […]

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  • trump-fear

    I Froze and Didn’t Lead

    Friends, I could not write Reading for Leading last night. Maybe it was just how upsetting that debate was. An AMERICAN presidential candidate called their opponent “the devil.” And said if he were president, “she would be in jail.” That is frightening.  I have fearful […]

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  • learning-to-ride

    Why We’re Scared to Lead

    I think she almost laughed at me. Kind of blurted an involuntary guffaw. But then my Teaching Assistant followed up her involuntary non-verbal display with sincere verbal reassurance. We were recapping the last 3 classes, all of which were led by students themselves. We were […]

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