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  • Free copy sweet spot

    How do YOU Get Into Your Sweet Spot – and win a free copy of the book

    Last week I wrote about one of the key lessons I am learning from The Sweet Spot by Dr. Christine Carter. You’ll recall that the point of her book — subtitled How to Find Your Groove at Work and Home – is to help her […]

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  • sweet spot cover

    How to Find Your Leading SWEET SPOT

    When my awesome 84-year old mom routinely answers my question, “How are you, Mom?” by saying, “I’m just so busy.” And when my friend’s YPO (Young Presidents Organization) group is holding a retreat on dealing with “the rat race,” I think, “Whoa! We’re all stretching, […]

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  • chariot goals

    Two Things to Make Your Goals Work For You

    Last week, I suggested that you take YOUR route to annual goal-setting. Maybe your verb is to “hope,” or “intend” or a “commit” to those goals.  Robert Fritz, whose work I greatly admire,* balked at my offering of verbs. He argued that I missed the […]

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  • January-5

    New Year – New You – Put it Out There

    I have arrogantly written my first law of leadership. In honor of ancient languages like Hebrew and Arabic, my law reads “backwards.” Because to do something backwards requires intention and focus. Thus, Mulhern’s First Law of Leadership: tfeL oTthgiR morF knihT syawlA or, for ease: […]

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  • Thanks

    Make it Your Best Year End — Ever

    On this my 56th year end, I commit to: 1. Going to a coffee shop with just me and my notebook computer for at least 60 minutes. 2. Writing a stream of conscious list of thank you’s. I’m pretty sure my list will get to […]

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  • one in a hundred

    PROVE or IMPROVE – My pride in the 99

    You can make the same shift as 99 students of whom I am greatly proud. They inspire me to make the same choice that I commend to you today. They chose to improve, rather than to prove. I’ve had a 100 undergrads this semester. I […]

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  • Ready for Christmas

    Leading — Into the Holidays – 5 Simple Tips

    Leaders always lead in context. But context we forget. So, here are 5 simple reminders as our context is shorter days, dropping temperatures, and some mounting pressures. Finish strong by clarifying realistic yet stretch goals. Re-read that sentence and say out loud the most important […]

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  • Fannie-Lou-Hamer-Poster

    Leading and Bias

    As I thought about Reading for Leading this week, I asked someone, “Is there anything else to say about Ferguson?” They said, “No!” We’re weary, aren’t we? Weary of the ripping story we’ve had with us since the ’60s, since, well since the Civil War, […]

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  • Ferguson collage

    5 Things Leaders Do When Emotions Are High

    Last week, I noted that any leadership problem that’s worth its salt will have emotion bursting through it. Whether that problem’s a “rebellious teenager,” the Israelis and Palestinians, employee layoffs, or controversial strategy. I asked your thoughts about what a leader should do with emotion, and […]

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  • Difficult Emotions

    If Emotional Leadership Isn’t an Oxymoron

    A week ago today a 20-year old man was found dead in a fraternity on campus.  I felt compelled to touch on it in my leadership class. All sixty of my students write papers weekly that reflect their desire to lead and grow as leaders. […]

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