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  • GEPA-11011444056 - ALTENMARKT/ZAUCHENSEE,AUSTRIA,11.JAN.14 - SKI ALPIN - FIS Weltcup, Abfahrt der Damen. Bild zeigt Gina Stechert (GER). Keyword: Sturz. Foto: GEPA pictures/ Harald Steiner

    Why Leaders Should Be The Best At Slowing To A Stop and how YOU can

    Reading for Leading works for me every Sunday, and hopefully for you on many Mondays (or whenever) because it causes me (and you?) to STOP. One of the major images we have of leaders is that they well, LEAD. Literally, they are at the front. Or, […]

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  • Snapshot 1 (5-13-2013 12-20 AM)

    Mom Leadership

    Today’s RFL is a “best of” edition.  I feel as strongly as the day I wrote it. I was just talking to a good friend and his 9th grade son, and while “pops” was distracted by another conversation, I asked the younger: “Who’s the leader […]

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  • Faces of Mr Gray and Mr Mulhern

    What You and I Can Do About Baltimore

    I was 10 when Detroit burned with rage and rebellion. Since then I have done little things, and little things matter, but have I done nearly enough? And, more importantly, what more can I do? If you believe in “everyday leadership,” or “kill (the idea […]

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  • What gets measured tape

    A question that can strengthen how you manage and elevate how you lead

    I love leadership, but often in my work I find that people never learned to manage. Some (me!) naturally have their heads in the sky, so they fail to generate the clarity that helps people work in concert (I think of an orchestra or band […]

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  • big blue

    Lists for those who love em – and those of us who should

    3 mini-stories today on the power of lists, with great thanks to my good teachers: Eve, Uncle John, and Ivana. 1. Every Monday I share my list of top3 goals with my accountabilibuddy,” Eve.  Last month we hit our 100th week of exchanging by email […]

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  • The Other F Word

    Learn The Other F Word

    95% of America (and 80% of my household) watches the oddballs like me and they wonder: How can you guys possibly sit there and watch golf on TV? B-O-R-I-N-G!  But if watching golf must have some redeeming value, I will say that watching The Masters this […]

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  • Who Meeee

    Not You

    Here’s a simple thought — maybe for the week. Maybe for the day.  Maybe for just now: What if you forget about everything YOU have to do this week? Forget about your top 3 goals (What, you don’t write your top 3 goals every week?). […]

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  • Godot awaited

    Seriously, Who Are You Waiting For? Get out your pen for this.

    I teach my students: “Kill the leader.” I don’t mean it literally! I mean kill the THE — like there’s really one leader. What a stupid idea. And kill the idea that I invite you to re-kill today: Who (are) you waiting for — whose […]

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  • george-and-martha-washington

    How You Can Lead With Courage

    I sat next to Carolyn, a retired history teacher on a plane out of DC last week.  She’s got a cool job: between February and June, she leaves her home in Dayton almost every week and heads to DC or Williamsburg or sometimes Boston, where […]

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  • MIndset Cover

    How to Grow Your Leadership Mindset

    Carol Dweck a long-time Stanford psychologist burst onto the scene with Mindset: The New Psychology of Success at the end of 2007.  It’s been around for a long while, it will be around for a much longer while, and I finally got around to reading […]

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