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  • whining ron swanson

    Whiners and Leaders

    Would you argue with me if I said that we have become a culture of whiners?  Leaders — and of course I use that word not to refer to a position, but to a frame of mind and action — leaders don’t whine.  And our […]

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  • boss yelling

    What They Forgot to Tell Bosses but Bosses Need to Know

    I led a workshop last week in San Francisco for the Institute for Management Studies, and I was reminded again about how bosses can make their people miserable. This is about how not to do that! Among the 40 or so participants there were about six […]

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  • sabbatical

    Next Week Will Be Great But In a New Way

    I am guessing that you did not notice that I first published last week’s “Reading for Leading” about Dr. King in January of 2007.  (I updated one line about Black Lives Matter.)   Many of you weren’t even getting “Reading for Leading” in 2007.  I […]

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  • BEE369 Minister Martin Luther King, Jr. preaching at an event

    Allow Dr King to Inspire You to Lead With Your Best Self

      Today is Dr. Martin Luther King Day in the United States. We could move in fifty directions to explore the leadership ground that Dr. King laid out for us, but I want to explore one part of that territory.  I always finish this e-column […]

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  • Mulherns First Law

    It’s Nike Time

    Wow! The results from my survey on goal-setting were pretty wild! I figure people who self-selected to do it would be the ones most likely to set goals. A couple things jumped out: 1. Only 25.55% (70 of 274) believe in annual goal setting and do […]

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  • soccer ball in goal

    Will You Set Annual Goals – And Will You Reach Them?

    Some see annual goals as essential, others as optional, still others as a waste. How about you? Today, a very simple 3-question survey, with immediate cumulative results. Question 3 might help you think about how to make your goal-attainment more successful. I’d love to have […]

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  • Pain Pushes Until Vision Pulls

    Celebrating an Incredible Everyday Leader

    If you think about your own leadership — the passion you have for something important — I wonder if you might find this line from author and minister Michael Beckwith rings true:  “Pain pushes until vision pulls.”  I know from my own life that my […]

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  • U of D 43 lettermen

    Curmudgeon Leadership – Can we bring it back?

    I find myself thinking back to high school.  It’s “back, back, back,” as ESPN’s Chris Berman would describe an outfielder’s movement before everyone realizes it’s “long gone.”*  I went to University of Detroit High School on 7 Mile Road in Detroit from 1972-1976. The teachers […]

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  • leading polar bears

    How to Lead With Rhythm

    Tis the season to . . . Collect from slow-paying clients. Cram for exams. Grade those exams! Shop. Wish you didn’t have to shop. Decorate. Pray for snow. Pray for sun (December 21 can’t get here fast enough!) Prepare for family – Yay! Boo! Yay! […]

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  • 20151129_130023_resized

    Leading by Two

    I have frequently written about how leaders go first. For three years I have been researching “paired leadership.” And this morning I offer a wonderful example of both. Until yesterday, a gay marriage was essentially conceptual to me. But, I only realized that as I […]

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