Email on Email II


Last week’s email on email overload evoked a flood of responses.  One thing you reminded me of is that breaking bad habits requires awareness and repetition, so today’s short email repeats the same theme, offering you just three simple thoughts on email:

1.  Check out my blogsite:   In response to last week’s email on leadership, there were some GREAT ideas and practical suggestions, too numerous to mention here.  But here’s a sample pair:

2.  Fight the email madness in your role as a sender:  take responsibility for what you send.  Do you really need to “cc” the world?  Remember how busy you are with all this e-mail, and cut others some slack!

3.  Set aside a certain number of times a day and only read your email then.  Time management expert Frank Sanitate on my blog suggested reading email three times a day (and he understands the pressure of his clients, primarily lawyers and CPAs who have to stay in touch with their clients).

You can also tune into my show this Tuesday at 6 PM, EST.  I will have Dr. Meyer from U of M on to discuss his research on multi-tasking and Frank Sanitate to give some practical thoughts on email management in particular and time management in general.  You can hear a live stream from your computer at

Hope this short message helps you to

Lead with your best self,