Energy in Uncertain Times


As we wait for the stimulus package to kick in, to slow or hopefully reverse our slide, let’s acknowledge that the stimulus is just that: a stimulus. It’s not a fix, an end, a result. It’s intended to stimulate changes in behavior, especially spending and lending. In the end it won’t be President Obama but millions and millions of us acting differently that will make the difference. This historically challenging time can depress us, or we can each respond with more focus, energy and discipline to generate results. And the more we are energized and focused the smarter we will work, save, borrow and lend. So, look for ways to generate your own and others’ energy.

I invite you to think about what energizes you the most – especially in these uncertain times – by clicking on this survey and answering the ONE question there; it’ll take you about a minute to do. I’ll share the results in next week’s Reading for Leading. In the meantime, my hope is that the question will stimulate your thinking, and get you to focus on what energizes you and energizes those with whom you work or who work for you.

And if you find that Reading for Leading energizes and focuses you from time to time, then I make this additional request: please invite two people to join the Reading for Leading list. Over the past year the subscription list has been stuck at about 12,500. In that time hundreds and hundreds have signed up, but more active spam filters and other technical problems have kept me from spreading this message more broadly. I would be honored if you would recommend Reading for Leading to someone, or if you are sure they would like it, just reply with their name and email address, and we will add them.

Keep making the little moves that will energize you and others as you … Lead with your best self!


p.s. Don’t forget to click through to my one-question survey on leadership.