Are You A Fast Company?



So many things that seemed hard and certain now seem vaporous and tenuous. It’s like there’s no there, there. Consider:

* We in Michigan could hardly imagine a world without a Big Three.

* How could a big city not have a daily PAPER?

* Where was the barrier that my generation thought would always, or for a long time, stop a guy who looked like – let alone was named – Barack?

* How did Bill Gates get to be “old money?”

* How is it possible that your teenage son or daughter could have 373 “friends”? I mean what the heck is a “friend” these days?

The rapidity of change struck me again in reading this month’s Fast Company magazine. (Hmmm, can a monthly be fast?) Despite the name, they still print and mail you a monthly magazine for about ten bucks a year; it’s a great and cheap way to stay up on the major changes in technology, business, and oddly this month – politics. The cover story is about “the kid who made Obama President” – 25 year old Facebook co-founder, Chris Hughes. The Hughes-Obama team built a network through which 70,000 people in turn raised $30 million for the campaign. 2 million people built “profiles” on the site (remember when a profile was a picture of you from the side?). It’s unreal. Unimaginable change.

This extraordinarily FAST change is both the result and in turn the cause of the age of the everyday leader. Whether you’re trying to find ideas, resources, or people – whether for your business, your kids, your church, your faith, art or service – they’re out there. If you expect the world around you to remain the same, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment or disaster. But if you have a dream of creation – of a better product, service, home, heart or world – this is your time. Act FAST! Stay new and alive to

Lead with your best self,


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