Forward This to Yourself — A Great 2009


It’s not only a new day and a new week, but also a new year. I’m guessing that about 50% of my readers already have written goals for 2009. And of those, I would guess that 80% of those goals are oriented around work – often prompted by someone else’s expectations if not demands on them. So, perhaps only 10% have written, personal goals – related to but not exclusively driven by business goals.


Imagine though if you had a central focal point for the year, a north star to guide you, all the time. One goal that mattered to you deeply. Maybe you build a whole plan around it. Or maybe you just keep it in mind, like a mantra, repeating it, maybe praying about it: “a happier marriage,” or “an agent for my book,” “the promotion I feel I have earned.” Or maybe you look at that goal once a week and chip away, for instance, towards: “twenty pounds lighter in body and mind,” “making the career move I’ve dreamed about a reality by 1/1/10.” Maybe you could have a single picture of success that you also entrust with a friend or significant other, “to give myself two full weeks vacation to recreate,” to “get the credential that will give me credibility and open doors,” to “rehab that injury in order to become active again,” or “to simplify our life, spending less, saving more, and replacing nagging worry with a sense of building security.” What would be your one goal?


As you have probably read, I am offering large group retreats in Southfield this month and more intimate, small group retreats in Las Vegas in February to give people a chance to “Align for ‘09” and consciously strive to make 2009 the best year of their life. In those retreats I’ll help guide you to think out five years, create a clear picture of what you want, and actually build workable plans to get there. I invite you to consider those retreats. But in the simplest – which is often the best – way possible . ..


I offer this invitation: Hit “forward” for this message, address it back to yourself. When you get it, spend no more than 5 minutes answering these two questions:

1. In the last three years, the single most important thing that has driven my sense of fulfillment (or caused my lack of fulfillment) has been


2. If there was one goal I could offer myself that would have real merit in making 2009 a great year it’s this: I deeply want to have . . .

Let me know if you write it and what happens – right away or during the year. Or go to the comments page if you want to share stories or processes that tell how you have developed goals and achieved them.


Goals help make you an everyday leader – to


Lead with your best self,