From Sweeting by Two to Leading by Two



Ten days ago our Connor read his vows to Alexis. And Alexis read hers to Connor.  I know it’s not a word, but they were sweeting!

Ever since, I’ve been reflecting – like a mirror – back and forth from sweeting in love and marriage, to leading in business and partnership.

What I keep thinking is they were reading their mission statements.  Yes, it’s a cold business term. Even colder, more functional, mission is a military term that completely shapes collective effort. But I like the Latin, mitto, mittere, from which the other meanings come: “to send, send forth” and “let go.”

  • Wouldn’t it be awesome if every manager said to their right hand (wo)man:  “This is my mission statement, my vow, to you. This is what I will be and do for you!”
  • And how awesome if we said to our key peer:  “You can count on me to do this, and this, and this for you.”
  • And what if we re-co-mitted – after 5 or 10 or 25 years to our life partners?  What if we “sent (ourselves) forth” again with our spouse – as co-parent, co-grandparent, and child to each other’s parents?  And committed not just to those outside us, but to each other?

What would your mission be to your key partners at work . . . and home? As John Gillis, my co-writer, and I were digging for the essential practices of great pairs, John said, “there is a commitment, an explicit commitment.” It rang so true, as it rang true at this wedding. Commitment is huge.

I so loved that my son and new daughter (in-law and in heart) did not utter anyone’s vows but their own for each other.  This week I’m going to re-write my mission statement for my bride of 33 years. I will send myself forth, and I will let go.

I’m also doing this with my key work pairs to

Lead with my best LX2 self.