Goal Setting Resources

Rene asked me in a post if I had any recommendations for time management resources/books. Here are my thoughts, Rene. I welcome others to chime in.

First, I think time management and goal setting are lifelong pursuits. I do it differently year-to-year, trying to hone what works. Here are the two that I would consider the leading candidates when it comes to goal setting resources. I welcome others’ comments:

1. Stephen Covey’s First Things First. As you probably know, he’s now tied in with Franklin (Planner), so there’s both a theory and materials there.  Covey’s a great practical philosopher.

2.  Many people really like David Allen’s Getting Things Done.  Allen’s system is complete and thorough.  A Myers-Briggs STJ would probably LOVE it.  I found it a lot of work. But again, many people swear by what they affectionately call GTD.

That’s a start, I hope!