Help Me Spread a Positive Virus



I first want to wish you a great 2010. A year in which you set sights that are worthy of the gifts and abilities and dreams you possess. A year in which you take the plunge and engage to make a difference in your world. A year during which you don’t start just the year, but each day, each meeting, each moment, as though it’s new. Cuz guess what . . . it is! Contrary to what Crosby Stills Nash & Young sang, “we have NOT all been here before.”

I am intent on provoking a virus of goal-setting. I invite you to help! So I encourage you to look at the results of last week’s 3-question survey on goal-setting and talk about them with those around you – your team, spouse, special other, kids (if you’d like you can take the survey before seeing the results). Here’s some question-starters: Why don’t we set goals when we know they help? How can we help each other do it? And just as important – see question 3 on the survey – how do we build in the constructs that give us a chance to reach those goals? If you don’t like “goals,” call them delights or visions, hopes or wishes, things that would satisfy you or make you proud, results that matter. But don’t miss the chance to start with an end in mind. And if you’re a leader, you know that helping others find their way is a central part of

Leading with your best self!


p.s. I still have a few slots open for my “Make 2010 a 10” retreat this Thursday and Friday.

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