Hey Everyday Leaders: Forget Trump’s 100 Days


It seems like we’ve been talking about Trump’s first hundred days for about ten times a hundred days. Are you as weary of it as I am?  So, here’s a shift.  How have your first 100 days in office been?

I decided to review the 2017 goals I wrote in January. It’s not something I’d ordinarily do, but I thought this obsession with Trump is a constant reminder for us Everyday Leaders to get better at leading. Trump made promises. On that, we could all follow his lead.  It takes courage to put your goals out there.  If you didn’t do them in January, now might be a good time, to set aside some good time.  If you have goals to review, I’d offer some healthy practices:

  1. Share your review with a spouse, close co-worker, sibling, or chief of staff (oh, how I miss my COS!).  This practice will not only focus you, but it is in itself an act of leadership, for it may well inspire a partner to do the same, helping them to gain focus, learn and get re-motivated!
  2. Don’t blame others if you fell short.  It’s not Obama’s fault or Trump’s or your manager’s fault for that matter.  If others did get in your way, then what can you do about that?
  3. Don’t blame yourself either. Nobody gets it right all the time.  Goals create an incentive for action.   Missed goals create an incentive for learning.  So learn.
  4. Focus and focus:  Do the goals themselves need adjustment?  I’ve had some big changes, so my goals needed May 1 changing.  And does your pursuit of them need adjustment?  Have you been placing your focus and therefore energy on the right ends and the right strategies?

What do you want to have secured by 12/31/17?

You’ve got to be clear about where you are leading, in order to lead others and yourself,

with your best self!