How Do You Get Ahead at Work?


How Do You Get Ahead At Work


Today, instead of sharing ideas with you, I’m asking for you to share ideas with me.  This weekend my radio show is on a very practical topic:  What REALLY helps people get ahead at work?

As I scoured Amazon for popular and reliable books on the topic I was shocked to find . . . none.  So, with a little crowd-sourcing, we can learn quickly.

By answering a quick survey, you’ll immediately see the accumulating data, help me engage my listeners, and provide data to your fellow Reading for Leading readers.  This survey has just 4 multiple choice questions, and a quick demographic one.  It’ll just take a couple minutes.

Feel free to share your comments on this question on my blog – before or after you take the survey.

Thanks in advance for helping us all to think about how you get into a position of greater authority; so as from there, to

Lead with your best self!