Keep Their Spirit Alive


Welcome back from Memorial Day. Sometimes these 4 day weeks put pressure on us to achieve 5 days worth of work. But before you start churning through it all, you might gather up strength and purpose from Memorial Day.

On Thursday, my wife and General Cutler invited the “families of the fallen” soldiers to come together for a memorial service at the Governor’s Residence. While there, a number of family members shared on tape with me what they’d like people to know about their sons. What was most striking to me was the number who talked about how their son (or brother or husband) was so outgoing, gregarious, and fun-loving. Patriotic, too, as you’d expect. But these men displayed an intense energy for life that family members kept talking about. More than a few said, “we tried to talk him out of going” or “going back, but he would not be stopped.”

They fought – and died – for all of us. I wonder if we should remember them not only in thought. But remember them by acting in the spirit they displayed. Their actions invite us to:

* Love our country – get educated, speak, vote, pay our taxes
* Jump into action – even when things are ambiguous – even when people warn us of the risks of action
* Find purpose greater than “me” and “mine” – to live . . . and even die for

Few reading this message will face the potential risk of an IED or a suicide bomber this week.  In gratitude to those who do, live courageously for a great purpose this week, and

Lead with your best self,