Lead Me!


A reader sent me tremendous, specific feedback last week.  (He thought I injected my political views in ways that distracted from the point about how leaders sometimes have to push people to make hard chocies. And he was right.)  He’s prompted me to seek more feedback to make RFL work for you.   The nature of work, email, and the web are all in flux and I’m wondering how they’re affecting you and how RFL can work better for you. I have created a very short questionnaire. Could I ask you to complete it to improve this product?

Here’s a sweetener.  On Friday we’ll draw 6 random emails from respondents and send each winner a signed copy of Be Real, Everyday Leadership or my wife’s and my soon-to-be-released A Governor’s Story: The Fight for Jobs and America’s Economic Future.

Please click here to take the survey, enter the contest, and help me to lead with my best,