Lead Towards Your Best Self


This week is just another week.  Today is just another day.  This hour has 60 minutes like every other.  And this instant is all you ever have – a largely unending succession to be sure – but only just this instant to be lived.  And yet we have the capacity to draw back from this moment, hour, day, week, and year, and think big.  For on comes 2010.  Make ready!

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but imagine what you could do in a year:  You could restore a broken relationship.  You could start a new business.  Move to a new city.  Quit buying cigarettes.  Laugh more.  Adjust the work-family balance.  Get out of debt.  Or return to school.  Every iota of good sense makes it vital to ask: Where do I want to be in a year? Do I have the faith in myself to lay claim to a picture of myself at the cusp of 2011 that delights me.  What would add up to delight?  Do you know?  Risk sitting down to discern it and write it down.

In a week and a half I’ll assemble a small group, and I am so excited for them.  They’ll give themselves two days to envision – literally to picture – where they’d like to be in 3 years, and then they’ll work backwards to January 1, 2011 and identify just what would be fulfilling.  They’ll get feedback from smart, caring others, who will help them to decide whether that’s what they truly want, or whether they want to make some adjustments.  They’ll clarify their picture of fulfillment, and then they’ll work backwards from there to the six-month and three-month and six-week intervals to set the strategy and tactics they’ll need to gain the results that truly matter.  There’s still some room available if this kind of process sounds attractive to you, but whether you join me or sign-up for some other structured program, do yourself the huge favor of believing in yourself enough to set aside a couple hours to answer the question, “What do I really want?” and then kick the answers to that question around with people who know you and care about you.  I’m curious about how many of you will set goals.  Take the 1-minute, 3-question survey and we’ll both find out the results!

You only get one chance to start a whole year.  Start it off in a way that you’ll truly lead with and towards your best self!