My 2009 Everyday Leader of the Year

Dee Lindeman of Center Line, Michigan is my Everyday Leader of the Year for 2009. She was so upset about cuts to education that she said she was going to the Capitol in Lansing and she was going to talk to the legislature and the governor. In fact, she said, if they didn’t fix the cuts she would stay there for 10 days and 10 nights to show how strongly she felt.

She brought her tent and stayed in it about 17 hours per day. One day it was so muddy that she spent all day on the cold steps. Capitol rules prohibit sleeping on the law overnight, so she spent most of the ten nights sleeping in her car. A friend of ours who heard about that quietly paid for a night at the Radisson – another act of everyday leadership.

It’s kind of cool to march on the capitol. It’s fun to be part of something – big crowd, lots of signs, chanting and all. That too takes organization and sacrifice, and kudos to West Bloomfield which turned out 2,000 folks to make themselves heard. But to do it on your own initiative and to execute it alone, now that is truly something.

Maybe in 2010 we can all find our passionate concern about our world, take a bold step, and follow-through with the promises we make. It’s pretty obvious why Dee Lindeman is a model, for each of us to

Lead with our best self.