Regular People, We Lead


So I was at Easter Mass in a small town “up north.”  I judged: This seems to be a very average little church.  Modest outside and in.  The priest, preaching, choir, all seemed to me stunningly regular.  One of the stained glass windows had a brown puppy in the foreground.  Some average voice of an angel in my own mind noticed all this rating and judging I was doing.  It asked me to ponder what might lie within the joy of different folks, as at that moment they lifted their regular old arms and their regular old small town hearts at the end of the “Our Father” prayer.  Perhaps they celebrated triumphs over cancer, alcoholism, a soldier son come home from Iraq, or some other avoidance of threat, evil, or ill.  Who could know what kind of rebirths they were giving thanks for?  And who was I to judge the significance of their lives?

Two young teenage girls, perhaps sisters, sang a duet from the pulpit after communion.  With every measure their nervousness faded, and their enthusiasm rose, ‘til in the end they were singing for all they were worth.  In full voice, they sang as Joni Mitchell once wrote of a street musician, “real good, for free.”  And I thought: What a gift to lead in our own average worlds!  Where life matters to each of us, and we live for those times when we can lift our arms in joy or our hearts in shared songs.

We don’t have to make it to the Sweet Sixteen or the Final Four or the cover of Time to have what we do matter.  It helps to remember, reminded by your better angels, that we’re all in the end regular, normal people, whose lives are improved when you

Lead with your best self,


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