for book clubs

Be Real – for a real good book club session!

This is not Danielle Steele, Leo Tolstoy, or Jonathan Franzen.  But it might offer a good break from them.  And if your book club has enjoyed Stephen Covey or Malcolm Gladwell or perhaps Eckhart Tolle or Marianne Williamson, you might find some good stuff here.

We don’t recommend Be Real for every book club, but here’s the kind of people who should love to discuss the ideas; people who are:

  • Seeking to balance work and home
  • Parents who also have an interest in leadership and are looking for new ideas
  • Supervisors at work who are looking for ways to do things better
  • Public officials, committed to leading
  • Everyday leaders who are just trying to enjoy and improve their worlds

Thoughts & Questions for Your Book Club:

Don’t skip The Introduction!  There’s a lot there for moms who lead:
* What sustained mom’s of the 1950’s and 60’s?

* What sustains moms today?
* Who’s your “Lois?”  Who do you turn to for parenting advice and a sounding board?
* What about dads who lead at home? Is there a Lois and Mary model out there?

Chapter 1 Questions about leadership-at-home:
* Do you buy the “open to coaching” coaching Dan offers? (p 11)
* How do you “hold” your kids?  (p 16) Here’s a link to the gorgeous Picasso discussed in that reading:
* Do you think of yourself as a leader – at home? How does that reinforce or change your perspective on what  you do as a mom or a dad?
* What’s going on with our boys (p 31)

Chapter 2 Big leaders

* Did you relate to these “big stage” leaders?
* Who did you like best and why?

Chapter 3: Tough times
* How do you talk about things when under pressure (p 62)
* What’s the best question you could ask at work or home (p 69)

Chapter 4: Energy
* How much do you hold on to disappointments and let-downs? What could you do different? (p 77)
* Who “hooks” you, and are there ways to get unhooked? (p 80)

Chapter 5: Ego
* How does ego grab you?  What’s hardest to let go of?  Control? Being right? Being wronged? (p 97)
* Bernadette has a great line on (p 111) that sums up the reading. Can you use it?

Chapter 6: Faith and Soul
* Where could you employ the “call-and-response” to bring out better leadership? (p 119)
* Where’s the line for you between leading others and losing yourself? (p 120)
* Have you ever felt the broken-open heart of leadership? How? (p 135)

Chapter 7: Harmony
* Maybe you’re wrong and maybe it’s good! Ever happen to you? (p 139)
* Can you lead up?  How might you apply Dan’s 5 ideas to your world? (p 149)

Chapter 8: Challenge
* Goopy got a lot of readers to react. What did it evoke in you? (p 167)
* What’s your experience holding people’s feet to the proverbial fire? Are there opportunities you’re missing? (p 176)

Chapter 9: Change
* How often do you see through the lens of opportunity? (p 192 )
* What if you quit your J-O-B? (p 206)

Chapter 10: Attitude
* What would be the centerpiece of your inaugural address (p 219)
* Let’s go crazy. Let’s get nuts. What would you get crazy about? And who would you bring along? (p 227)

Thoughts and questions about the writing of the book:

1.  What do you think of the “readers lead” comments? Dan says they are the work of “everyday leaders” and are intended to help create a conversational feel.  Do you agree? Were they a distraction? A help?

2.  How does this book compare to other books we’ve read.  If it’s a departure from reading fiction, what do you think? Should we try another?

3.  To whom in your life would you recommend this book and why?

Please share with Dan your experience of reading and discussing the book in the comments area below.