Dan has led life-changing retreats, helping people identify life goals that truly matter

Dan does not currently have any retreats scheduled, but if you find these descriptions attractive and your are interested, let us know, and we’ll let you know when retreats are available.

A 2-day Retreat to Align Your Goals for Personal and Professional Success

Join Dan and lead with your best self!
For the past seven years Dan has personally taken the time before the new year began to put down in writing the great year he intended to have. The vast majority of the plans he laid down came to fruition — sometimes quite intentionally and sometimes seemingly by chance.

In 2008 Dan structured a process to pull people together to gain the power and purpose that come when you really get clear on where you want to be and how you can best try to get there. Since his first retreat in January in Savannah, Georgia, with a group of 14 (who continue to talk once a month), he’s had the incredible opportunity to convene amazing people. He’s had over a hundred people join on small-group retreats, and over and over they have used the process to focus themselves, fire themselves up and make great personal and professional connections in the process.

Maybe you have been thinking about making a big change. Maybe one has been forced on you. Or maybe you feel like you’ve just gotten a little stale. Let me know if you’d be interested in attending an Everyday Leadership retreat and get a new lease on life.


1. A clear sense about new possibilities for the next 3-5 years.
2. Some specific, clear and achievable goals for the year ahead– business, family, social, spiritual, aesthetic. A foundation for living the best year of your life.
3. Gratitude for having spent time with some really interesting people, all of whom are net-contributors in life, people who strive to maintain an abundance mentality.
4. A feeling of being rested and rejuvenated through good conversation, nice surroundings, good food, and a non hectic pace (optional: a massage, an extra day for golf, shopping, beach-walking, etc.)
5. A plan to advance through the year to great results.

What past participants say about Dan’s retreats…

“Everyday Leadership Retreats will benefit any person in any profession at any level.”

“The retreat made me think of how grateful I was to be included in this group and I can’t thank Dan and my fellow participants enough for the experience. I already know that the retreat has had and will have a huge impact on the rest of my life as I returned to my work energized and focused. I feel like I made 14 new friends.”

“Thank you for the insight into bringing this special group together. I felt this to be a transformative and clarifying weekend. I’ve been touched by each “friend” and most importantly, by the knowledge and wisdom that has come from the sharing. I hope to practice further the openness and discussion that we were all able to be free with. It has felt like that type of moment you can’t plan but takes the planning of someone like Dan to bring together.”

“Sitting back and reflecting, it makes me speechless. At this point, what I can say is thank you Dan for this great opportunity and for the well thought composition of this group, every person was great and talented and it was a great honor to know each one of them and hope fully work with them in the future again my heart is full with gratitude and love for the opportunity!”

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